One Picture, Three Stories #4 {Blog Linkup}

Welcome to One Picture, Three Stories!  This is a monthly link-up where we share one picture and tell three stories about it. Unraveling the many layers in a single captured moment is a great way to train your brain to look at things from multiple angles. I'd love for you to join me and add your link below. It's a great way to make friends around the world and to challenge your creativity! 

Story #1:  Staring off to sea, she wonders how life lead her to this rock at the end of the world.  Far over the horizon Antarctica looms with cold hostility, but here it is warm and deceptively comfortable. The rock radiates the late afternoon heat from the sun.  She spreads her palm over the granite and watches the ants run in caravans avoid her fingers. Where are they going? And, where will she be tomorrow?

Story #2: Tomorrow I will still be in Cape Town. And the day after that. But shortly, very shortly, I will be spreading my wings for other locations.  I can't wait to share my travels with you here!

Story #3:  Have you ever seen a sky so blue?  If I were to paint that sky, I'd use a combination of cerulean (for the light bits), ultramarine (for the middle tones), and prussian blue and dioxazine violet (for the darkest parts). But still, it would never match the infinite depth and beauty of the real thing!  I love looking at the scenery around me and picking the paint tubes I'd use to capture the view.

NOTE:  I had a suggestion this month that maybe I should make this link-up bi-weekly instead of monthly. I think for the time being, I'll keep it monthly, but you are more than welcome to submit more than once!  Let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions. 

I want to thank everyone who participated last month!  I was so excited to look at your pictures and read your stories.  I can't wait to read all your submissions this month.  I'll be featuring a few again next month, so make sure to post your link below.  

Lissa outdid herself this month by submitting two sets of fantastic short-stories. I'd almost go as far as to call them masterpieces of micro-fiction. The stories are full of emotion, yearning and little twist endings that keep you guessing.  Make sure you click HERE and HERE to read them!   

Emma writes eloquently about her thoughts about the moon.  Did you know that the man on the moon is actually a normal sized person, and immortal?  And you can find out why Emma and the moon are kindred spirits.  Read her touching tales HERE

Meg Kra talks about the touching legacy of a bar being passed down from father to son, and eventually to her. But she keeps you guessing.  How much of what she says is true?  You'll have to read the stories HERE and decide for yourself!  

Rosie reflects on this ballerina brooch.  It reminds her of how much she wanted to be a ballerina when she was little (didn't we all?), and also of the poignant story of the Steadfast Tin Soldier and his ill-fated love for the paper-doll ballerina. Read her lovely stories HERE

Chinwags and Tattletales shares this almost century old photograph and reflects on how life and dress in the Phillipines have changed since the time it was taken.  She compares her grandparents' characters and wonders how their social media profiles would look today based on those traits.  Read her lovely stories HERE

I'd love for you to join me in sharing "one picture with three stories."  The stories can be factual or fictional, they can be inspiring, funny, educational, or entertaining. They can be one sentence long, or much, much longer.  The pictures can be photographs or sketches, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Give us a glimpse into your home, your town, your world, your past, your present. Nothing is too simple to feature in One Picture, Three Stories.  

The whole idea is that each picture has many layers of meaning. So show us all your layers! 

Follow the link-up on Twitter using hashtag #1picture3stories. 

You can see past examples HERE

One Link-up, Three Guidelines: 

1.  This will be a monthly link-up, so you have plenty of time between now and next month to add your link.  

2. I'll choose three participants to feature on my blog each month.  In order to be eligible for selection you have to link your "one picture, three stories" link-up post back to my blog in some way. 

3. Make sure you visit other linked blogs to read their stories, you might make new friends all over the world! Don't forget to leave a friendly comment to show your appreciation.  

Note: If you're reading in email or a feed reader, in order to see the link-up entry form, you'll probably have to click through to this blog post.  And, if the form doesn't work, please leave your link in the comments below. 


  1. What a fun idea and what an awesome photo! Can't wait to see everyone's photos and reading their 3 stories! Happy Thursday xxx

  2. Thanks for this great link-up. Really enjoyed writing my post :)
    Claire xx

  3. On the bi-weekly vs. monthly thing, I personally like it monthly, mainly because I only usually post about once a week :)

  4. great photo. I'd probably would not go there being so high. there's definitely no way to really describe the color of the sky but you come close.

    hope you have a great day.

  5. just want to say thanks for the kind words about my stories.

    have a great day.


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