Today is.... Rainy {And Another Giveaway!}

Today is rainy. 

I've always loved rain.  I just love how it makes the world soft and quiet. Things never seem so big or overwhelming. 

I'm taking a moment to sit and gaze at the rain-soaked courtyard. The plants look so green, so verdant; they're almost "super green." Above the rooftops, the mountain is floating in the mist like a something from a Japanese print. 

I'm puttering in my studio and reminding myself to take deep breaths.  


I know I've said this before, but I'm always thinking about it. The root for the word inspiration is spiro, which is latin for "I breathe."  Inspiration literally means "to breath in." 

So, before you click away and carry on your way, close your eyes, place your hands softly on your lap, and take a deep breath. Now inspiration will follow you with every breath you take today. 

What is your day like today?  Is there one word you could use to describe it? 

The Giveaway!

Maybe March, my birthday month, should be a month of giveaways? Here's another one!  You can win $145 in cash! 

This giveaway is hosted by my lovely friend Karli at September Farm.  

Need ideas on how to spend $145? Here are some great options from Karli... 
  • how about some new hunter rain boots just in time for spring showers?
  • how about some glorious easter decor from pottery barn? (a personal favorite.)
  • or maybe you need a ridiculously beautiful new easter dress to wear to brunch and sip champagne in? (oh easter brunch…i love thee.)
  • possibly you've been eyeballing a new swimming suit for all the hours you're going to log at the pool this summer? (dear god, please tell me this is in my future.)

Make sure you enter as many times as you can! And make sure you visit all the lovely ladies who made this giveaway possible. 

very very best of luck! 
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  1. Today, my one word would have to be relax. I didn't know that about the word inspiration, that pretty neat.


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