Another Year Older

Another birthday. 

Another birthday self-portrait to add to the growing series.  You can see the others HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

My goal is to do a self-portrait for every birthday. This year I was inspired by fashion illustrations done in ink (think Garance Dore). I'm not sure I achieved my vision, but that doesn't matter. It's the experimentation that matters.

This tradition of painting birthday self-portraits is inspired by Rembrandt. He painted 90 self-portraits over the course of his life. He was very experimental, and often showed himself in a not too kindly light as he aged (wrinkles and all). I'm not sure I'll be brave enough for that!  His self-portraits are like an autobiography in art, recording his changing moods and appearance. Maybe I can do the same, in a very small way

To celebrate my birthday, and to thank you all for sticking around this little corner of cyberspace, I'm giving away free printable birthday party invitations!  Just go HERE and click the picture to download! Or click the image below, and you'll be brought to the page.  


  1. Happy birthday, Jane. I love your portrait. It's very much captures you.

  2. Happy birthday, Jane! Love the self-portrait. I also like the photo link up! Will definitely get around to participating. Hope all is well in S.A!

  3. Happy Birthday Jane! Hope you had a wonderful, fun-filled day :) The self-portrait is great, especially like the way you've done the brushes.

  4. this is such a clever idea. I didn't know Rembrandt did this (even though I'm Dutch). your illustration is lovely


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