Come smell the roses!

{Photo taken with my new Canon EOS Rebel T4i}

A warm, warm welcome to Chasing Happy readers!  Today I'm guest posting on Kenzie's lovely blog about why creativity is hard (even for me), and what you can do to make writing or painting a little easier. 

Why not pop over and read it here

And, if you're new here, please feel free to stay awhile. Draw up a chair and we can chat in my studio. 

Tell me, what are you working on at the moment? 

Do you have any tips for keeping the creative juices flowing? 


  1. Such beautiful flowers! Roses are my favourites!

  2. Hmm... clearing my mind and then exploring a new place always helps!

  3. Your blog is so cute!! :) Thank you for stopping by mine! I think your new camera takes stunning photos :)


  4. I wish I wasn't, but I'm currently working on far too many things for law school. For me, I'm so busy all the time that I guess I just don't have time for blocks in creativity. If I did, I'd probably fail out of school!

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